Lincoln IMPressive as Town continue to struggle…

Nigh on 5000 Lincoln City fans made Saturday for me.  Watching them enjoy their day reminded me of all those that I have enjoyed as an Ipswich fan too – even if they were a while ago now.

Real football fans deserve the really good days and for every bad day we suffer, the sweeter the better days are.  As I discussed with a few Lincoln fans after the game, those that suffered emotionally when their team dropped out of the Football League, you just have to hang in there and hope that you get rewarded again for the time and money spent on following your team.  Saturday belonged to them, hopefully we’ll have good days again that will belong to us.  I suspect much needs to happen though before we see those days….

Please click on the link below to read this week’s edition of the Fuller Flavour:

Fuller Flavour 9 January 2017  Impressive Lincoln made sorry Blues look like non-league team…..Pet Shop Boys’ songs sum up current mood…..and Defeat on Teesside followed by Cup replay win at Hartlepool.*

*Each week, the Fuller Flavour in the East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Star looks back at games in chronological order of the 1991/92 season as I celebrate 25 years of Town winning the Second Division Championship.

Please don’t forget that you are always welcome to contribute to the column (Contact Karl is the link above to get in touch) and I am extremely grateful to Archant Suffolk for their permission in reproducing the column. Happy reading and COYB!

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I am passionate about writing and Ipswich Town Football Club. So here, I combine the two!
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