Keep Bright-on ’til the end of the road…..*

Last week’s defeat to Wigan undoubtedly was a huge blow to our hopes of reaching the play-offs, but we can’t just give up, we have to keep right on ’til the end don’t we?  We have three more massive games coming up in the next two weeks that can still set up a late push as we’re playing three sides above us in the table.

It’s imparative you would think to take seven point from nine against Nottingham Forest next Saturday, Derby on Tuesday and at Brighton tomorrow.  Anything less and we can probably kiss our chances goodbye, especially given some of the fixtures we still have to face after these three games.

*Modern football fans would have you believe that the song ‘Keep right on ’til the end of the road’ belongs to Birmingham City.  But I’m told it belonged to us in the sixties!

On to this week’s column and many thanks to Richard Moss and Dave Gooderham for their contributions as the topics are as follows:

Crazy trip to Yeovil Midweek – but that’s what us fans do!…..Your chance to play with Ipswich legends…..and Fans remain disillusioned but why is that?

Please click on the following link to read this week’s column:

Fuller Flavour 17 March 2014

Finally, please don’t forget that you are always welcome to contribute to the column (Contact Karl is the link above to get in touch) and I am extremely grateful to Archant Suffolk for their permission in reproducing this column.  Happy reading and COYB!


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