Blackpool Draw Creates More Negativity

The full-time whistle after the Blackpool game last Saturday signalled a few boos to be heard and it had me wondering what more Town fans want.  I accept the style of play is poor at present but it’s been a needs must situation for Mick McCarthy ever since he came to the club.

He has had a paltry budget to work with and yet has worked a minor miracle to get us in to a play-off place oh so very recently.

Like a newly-built house, the foundations needed putting in place, these were not a pretty sight to look at, but once the structure was in place, the decoration and style duly followed.  It took time though.  And given time, McCarthy could lead us to a more decorative future.

I guess with Reading’s win at QPR last week, the midweek results going against us and a probable defeat at Leicester tomorrow, all this will have those particular fans feeling happier with our dropping down the table into a position they’ll no doubt be far happier with!

On to this week’s column and the topics are as follows:

The problem for me is why are so many fans being negative?…..Valentine’s love often for Blues…..and Waterlogged in manchester and the locals weren’t happy! 

Please click on the following link to read this week’s column:

Fuller Flavour 17 February 2014

Finally, please don’t forget that you are always welcome to contribute to the column (Contact Karl is the link above to get in touch) and I am extremely grateful to Archant Suffolk for their permission in reproducing this column.  Happy reading and COYB!


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