Just a team full of Stewards…and a chat with John Peddelty.

Last Saturday’s win over Bolton rounded off a great eight days following the win over Reading and the draw at Leeds.  Here’s hoping for three more points at Barnsley tomorrow.

How bad were Bolton last week?  You could see why they’re struggling and it’s true to say that the brightest part of their afternoon was their kit.  With five minutes to go, I thought how can Bolton with seemingly 101 players on the pitch be so bad.  Then I realised I was watching 90 stewards moving into place.  But even then, it’s fair to say that their movement in their day-glo orange was more productive than what Bolton players had been all afternoon.

On to the column this week and I was pleased to hook up with former Town player John Peddelty (pictured below) who really was a great chap to talk about the old days with.  Older FF readers will recall that John was involved in the move when going to Plymouth Argyle as Town brought Paul Mariner in the other direction.

John Peddelty

The topics in this week’s column are as follows:

It’s hard to believe Bolton were Premier League two years ago…..Tabb criticism is very unfair…..and The transfer deadline day is just completely overhyped. 

Please click on the following link to read this week’s column:

Fuller Flavour 3 February 2014

Finally, please don’t forget that you are always welcome to contribute to the column (Contact Karl is the link above to get in touch) and I am extremely grateful to Archant Suffolk for their permission in reproducing this column.  Happy reading and COYB!

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I am passionate about writing and Ipswich Town Football Club. So here, I combine the two!
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